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In the run-down Kingdom of Tahk lies the small trading town of Kampars Creek.


This wiki can be edited by any of the players involved – so feel free to add detail to it if you would like to get involved in the ‘world building’ bit… I’m keen that we all have a sense of belonging in this world, and one of the best ways to achieve this is for us all to help in it’s creation.

As I’ve been building the world, my intentions for this set of adventures have been changing. The story arc is developing nicely, and I’m toying with either running this as our first stab at 4th Ed, slotting in some of the published adventures, or if we should maybe go exclusively for the published adventures initially, whilst we build this ‘in the background’ for future play. I’d appreciate any thoughts on this – as it’s my first stab at GMing 4th Ed, it might be better to simply play the published games. Once I have hold of the first one – Keep on the Shadowfell – I’ll see if it’ll fit in with what I wanted to do for the first adventure.

Main Page

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