Hablor Nom

Deceased - 'The Hero of The Battle of Kar'


The now deceased ‘Hero of The Battle of Kar’ was awarded the stewardship of Kampars Creek after leading the final charge that saw off the marauding orc army once and for all, in which he lost an arm. He was well respected across the region for his skills in trade negotiation and was single handedly (pun intended) responsible for the trade agreement drawn up with the dwarves of the Daggerspeak Mountains.

He was awarded a place at Court for his services to his King, but never travelled to Forlorn Hold to take it up, preferring to help revitalise his flagging town.

He was responsible for the building of Nom Market – the market place that helped cement Kampars Creek as the centre of trade that it is today.

Hablor Nom

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